10mm flat cotton wick - 1m

10 mm flat wick, sold by the metre. Price is for one metre...

$10.00 Ex GST: $8.70

10pc Scuba Oring Kit

An assortment of the most common oring sizes for your regulator. Includes 2 tank orings. They come..

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

20mm flat cotton wick - 1m

20 mm flat wick, sold by the metre. Price is for one metre. Fits #2 Wick for Brass Plated Burner..

$12.00 Ex GST: $10.43

285pc screw and anchor assortment

Don't get stuck hunting around for the right sized anchor to hang your picture, or worse, use one wh..

$23.00 Ex GST: $20.00

7g Silicone Grease

Top quality silicone grease in a sturdy and resealable plastic tube. No more mess of silicone in th..

$3.00 Ex GST: $2.61

830pin breadboard, jumpers, power supply

The breadboard is 165x55mm, with standard spacings etc. 65 assorted jumper leads in various colours..

$18.00 Ex GST: $15.65

Baby Breadboards

Itty little 170 pin breadboard for when you are working on a little module...

$4.00 Ex GST: $3.48

Banana socket, pair, red and black fits PDL

A pair of banana sockets in a PDL module. Fit in any PDL faceplates...

$13.00 Ex GST: $11.30

Hi Vis Orange Vest ANSI Class3 S/M

Brand new in bag. These vests are top quality with 3M Scotchlight reflective stripes, and meet ANSI..

$9.00 Ex GST: $7.83

Jumper wires for breadboard

Jumper wire selection. 65pcs, lengths vary from 9-20cm..

$6.00 Ex GST: $5.22

Lantern Mantle - medium

Medium mantle for gas lanterns..

$4.00 Ex GST: $3.48

Staedtler Carpenters Pencil 148-40

Staedtler carpenters pencil...

$2.30 Ex GST: $2.00

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