Scuba Accessories

Scuba Accessories
Small and cheap bits to make your diving go better

10pc Scuba Oring Kit

An assortment of the most common oring sizes for your regulator. Includes 2 tank orings. They come..

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

7g Silicone Grease

Top quality silicone grease in a sturdy and resealable plastic tube. No more mess of silicone in th..

$3.00 Ex GST: $2.61

Silicone Mouthpiece

Standard antimicrobial comfortable mouthpiece. Silicone rubber mouthpiece is designed with a long bi..

$6.00 Ex GST: $5.22

Universal Octo Strap

Don't leave your octo dangling around to break reef or get caught. Simply hold it with this silicon..

$3.00 Ex GST: $2.61

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