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Brother P-Touch TZe tape range

Brother TZ and TZe tapes. Older printers, designed for TZ tapes are able to use both TZ and TZe tapes. Newer machines will only work with TZe tapes. If in doubt, buy a TZe tape or check our compatability table here.
Your machine may have come with a TZe-231S tape. These tapes are 4m long rather than 8m. The S means 'Soon you will need a new tape' or 'Surely you wouldn't want another'. Standard length (8m) tapes will work in your machine.

Text Colour:
Tape Colour:
6mm TZe-315
9mm TZe-325
12mm TZe-335
18mm TZe-345
24mm TZe-355
6mm TZe-314
9mm TZe-324
12mm TZe-334
18mm TZe-344
24mm TZe-354
Clear 6mm TZe-111
9mm TZe-121
12mm TZe-131
18mm TZe-141
24mm TZe-151
36mm TZe-161
6mm TZe-115
9mm TZe-125
12mm TZe-135
18mm TZe-145
24mm TZe-155
6mm TZe-112
9mm TZe-122
12mm TZe-132
18mm TZe-142
24mm TZe-152
6mm TZe-113
9mm TZe-123
12mm TZe-133
18mm TZe-143
24mm TZe-153
White 6mm TZe-211
9mm TZe-221
12mm TZe-231
18mm TZe-241
24mm TZe-251
36mm TZe-261
6mm TZe-212
9mm TZe-222
12mm TZe-232
18mm TZe-242
24mm TZe-252
6mm TZe-213
9mm TZe-223
12mm TZe-233
18mm TZe-243
24mm TZe-253
Red 6mm TZe-411
9mm TZe-421
12mm TZe-431
18mm TZe-441
24mm TZe-451
6mm TZe-415
9mm TZe-425
12mm TZe-435
18mm TZe-445
24mm TZe-455
Blue 6mm TZe-511
9mm TZe-521
12mm TZe-531
18mm TZe-541
24mm TZe-551
6mm TZe-515
9mm TZe-525
12mm TZe-535
18mm TZe-545
24mm TZe-555
Yellow 6mm TZe-611
9mm TZe-621
12mm TZe-631
18mm TZe-641
24mm TZe-651
36mm TZe-661
Green 6mm TZe-711
9mm TZe-721
12mm TZe-731
18mm TZe-741
24mm TZe-751
6mm TZe-715
9mm TZe-725
12mm TZe-735
18mm TZe-745
24mm TZe-755
Flouro orange 6mm TZe-B11
9mm TZe-B21
12mm TZe-B31
18mm TZe-B41
24mm TZe-B51
Flouro yellow 6mm TZe-C11
9mm TZe-C21
12mm TZe-C31
18mm TZe-C41
24mm TZe-C51
Flouro green 6mm TZe-D11
9mm TZe-D21
12mm TZe-D31
18mm TZe-D41
24mm TZe-D51
Silver 6mm TZe-M911
9mm TZe-M921
12mm TZe-M931
18mm TZe-M941
24mm TZe-M951
12mm TZe-MQ934
Gold 6mm TZe-811
9mm TZe-821
12mm TZe-831
18mm TZe-841
24mm TZe-851
12mm TZe-MQ835
Matte transparent 9mm TZe-M21
12mm TZe-M31
18mm TZe-M41
Tamper evident white 9mm TZe-SE2
12mm TZe-SE3
18mm TZe-SE4
24mm TZe-SE5
Yellow flexible 9mm TZe-FX621
12mm TZe-FX631
18mm TZe-FX641
24mm TZe-FX651
36mm TZe-FX661
White flexible 6mm TZe-FX211
9mm TZe-FX221
12mm TZe-FX231
18mm TZe-FX241
24mm TZe-FX251
36mm TZe-FX261
Clear strong adhesive 6mm TZe-S111
9mm TZe-S121
12mm TZe-S131
18mm TZe-S141
24mm TZe-S151
36mm TZe-S161
White strong adhesive 6mm TZe-S211
9mm TZe-S221
12mm TZe-S231
18mm TZe-S241
24mm TZe-S251
36mm TZe-S261
Yellow strong adhesive 6mm TZe-S611
9mm TZe-S621
12mm TZe-S631
18mm TZe-S641
24mm TZe-S651
36mm TZe-S661
Cleaning tape 12mm TZe-CL3
18mm TZe-CL4
24mm TZe-CL5
36mm TZe-CL6
Lime Green 12mm TZe-MQG35
Berry Pink 12mm TZe-MQP35

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